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  Rome LDS Temple Open House Tours

THE ROME TEMPLE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! - January 28-February 16, 2019

 THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME for this to happen.  Why?

  • It is low season in Italy so you can actually see everything without the usual crowds and lines
  • Hotel rates will be less expensive allowing us to stay in nice places at very reasonable prices
  • Average temperatures in ROME in February is 58 degrees which is jacket weather, but quite nice.  Especially considering that in June-August, the temps are in the 90's and humidity is very high.  In the spring and fall, temps are the best but the lines are so long and the crowds make it difficult to enjoy. 
  • We have already secerued excellent schedules and airfare on Delta Airlines
  • Call ASAP.  Tours are filled on a first come, first served basis.  We will take multiple groups with 40 people in each group.  Final dates and prices are now available.

Jan 28, 2019 - Feb 14, 2019 $2,595.00 Brochure  
  Affordable African Adventure

Let's face it.  You want to go to Africa to see the animals.  And there are MANY, EXPENSIVE African adventures to choose from.  But we have designed an itneraryto the MOST IMPRESSIVE part of Africa - the Serengeti in Tanzania.  We'll see THREE of the SEVEN natural wonders of Africa.  We'll participate in FIVE separate game drives.  We'l;l see the #1 rated park in Africa and see all the major animals of Africa.  And, while there, we'll enjoy a humanitarian day to be able to give back. 

Details available by September, 2018.

Aug 16, 2019 - Aug 27, 2019 $3,695.00  

IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE EVERY TEN YEARS AND IT IS NOT TO EARLY TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!  Webb Tours will offer tours for our groups to enjoy the scenery and inspiration of Bavaria and Austria including PREMIUM SEATS to see the once in a decade PASSION PLAY.  Inculdes exceptional sites like Medieval Rothenburg, Neuschwanstein Castle, Eagle's Nest, Salzburg, Kloster Wernberg Monastery, Vienna and much more.  ONE TOUR is ALREADY FULL.  You'll want to register in 2018 so you don't miss out.

Jul 9, 2020 - Jul 19, 2020 $3,085.00 Brochure
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