LDS History and New England in the Fall  
   Oct 3, 2017 - Oct 15, 2017
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October 3:  Salt Lake to Boston:  Today we'll get an early start as we board our flight to Boston, Mass, arriving about 6:00 local time.  Our luxury touring coach will be waiting for us.  We'll go directly to dinner at famous No Name Restaurant on Fish Pier.   This will be a great start to our tour.   Our hotel is in a nearby Boston suburb.   Tour to pay for dinner today. 


October 4:  Boston all day.  No city in the United States has more history than Boston, and we'll spend the day taking it in with our knowledgeable and entertaining local guide.  We'll see Lexington and Concord where the Revolutionary War began.  The setting is spectacular any time, but especially in the fall!  The first two weeks of October is PEAK time for fall foliage in New England. We'll also see the Old North Church, USS Constitution, Paul Revere’s home, and much more.  We'll enjoy a unique lunch and browsing experience at Quincy Market, near the old Fannuel Hall.  We'll stay in the Boston area again tonight.   Tour to pay for city tour and breakfast today.


October 5:   Boston to Gorham, New Hampshire:   This morning we’ll drive about 30 minutes to the northeast and make an interesting stop in the town of Topsfield where Joseph Smith’s ancestors settled.  They lived on the same homestead from the 1660’s (Robert Smith) to the early 1800’s (Joseph Smith Sr.).  There is a plaque commemorating five generations of Smiths that lived here and worshiped in the Congregational Church.  We then continue to our lunch stop in beautiful Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on the shores of scenic Lake Winnipesaukee.  We’ll enjoy lunch during our 75 minute cruise across the lake to Weirs Beach where our driver will meet us.  We continue north to the famous Kancamangus Highway to enjoy the fall colors.  We’ll make several interesting stops for pictures and a stroll to a lovely waterfall.  We stay in the White Mountains region tonight.  Tour to pay for breakfast and lunch.


October 6:  New Hampshire to Sharon to Green Mountains.  This morning we cross into neighboring Vermont and visit Maple Grove Farms to sample maple syrup, see how it’s made and get some fun souvenirs.  We then enjoy a ride through rural Vermont, arriving by lunchtime in Sharon, where we'll visit Joseph Smith's birthplace.  The setting is delightful this time of year (especially with the fall colors).  We'll have plenty of time to see the Visitor’s Center and monument.  The Young Women have prepared a lunch for us that we'll enjoy in the pavilion perched on a hill overlooking the lovely fall scene.  It is miles of colorful maple trees as far as the eye can see in all directions and it is stunning!  Our afternoon drive takes us to upstate New York.  We’ll make a brief stop at the south end of Lake George for pictures.  Tour to pay for breakfast and lunch today.


October 7:  Clifton Park to Palmyra.  This morning, we'll take a slight detour to the south to see the newly opened Priesthood Restoration Site on the Susquehanna River near what used to be Harmony, Pennsylvania.  Much has been restored here and a new Visitor’s Center has been built.  It is a peaceful setting and an important stop on our trip.  We’ll then cross into upstate New York and head for Palmyra.  Upstate New York is covered with trees and the drive is lovely this time of year.   We'll arrive in Fayette at about 4:00 and visit the Peter Whitmer Farm where the church was organized and much of the Book of Mormon translated.    Our hotel tonight is the Palmyra Inn near the temple.    We'll be here two nights.  Dinner is included at the hotel tonight.  Those interested can attend a session in the Palmyra Temple tonight (you must bring your own clothing).  Tour to pay for breakfast & dinner.


October 8:  Palmyra area:   After breakfast this morning, we’ll enjoy Sacrament Meeting together.  We then visit the historical sites of interest in the area. We'll begin with the Sacred Grove, the restored Smith cabin and the frame home.   You're used to seeing this area with green foliage, but it’s also beautiful with fall colors (if nature cooperates)!  We'll see the recently refurbished Hill Cumorah Visitors Center and go to the top of the Hill CumorahAt 3:00, we'll visit the Grandin Press (where the first copies of the Book of Mormon were printed).  You’ll have a free evening tonight.   Tour to pay for breakfast.


October 9: Palmyra via Niagara Falls  to Kirtland:  We'll get an early start today (8:00 departure) as we head for Niagara Falls, arriving on the New York side at 10:00.  We have included a ride on the exciting Maid of the Mist which takes us to the face of the world’s most impressive waterfall.  We'll then have about 90 minutes for lunch, falls viewing and relaxing in the lovely park.   After lunch, we'll drive along Lake Erie toward Kirtland, Ohio where we'll arrive about 5:00.  We'll stay in the Kirtland area tonight in the delightful Lawnfield Inn & Suites, a favorite for our travelers.  Tour to pay for breakfast and Maid of the Mist today.


October 10:  Kirtland all day:  There is much to see in Kirtland as much has been recently restored.  We’ll start at the Visitors Center built in the form of a 19th Century grist mill.  The town streets have been rerouted creating a pedestrian area from which to enjoy all of the sites.  We will also enjoy a guided tour of the Kirtland Temple, the Newell K Whitney Store, the Isaac Morley Farm, and the newly restored Johnson Inn.   Kirtland is a quaint town, covered in trees and foliage.  Again, this time of year offers autumn beauty which will enhance your historical experience.  After a rest, we'll visit the John Johnson Farm where we’ll review the important history that happened here.  This evening we visit an authentic Amish Community where we'll enjoy dinner with an Amish family at their farm.  It is one of the tour highlights.  We'll stay in the Kirtland area again tonight.  Tour to pay for breakfast and unforgettable dinner. 


October 11:  Kirtland to Macomb:  Those departing today will be transported to the Cleveland Airport.  For the others, we’ll continue toward Nauvoo the Beautiful.  We'll relax, watch a DVD, enjoy some teaching, read a book, etc.  We'll make sure the time is well spent, but we'll give you time to relax and do your own thing as well.  We'll stay in Macomb tonight.  Tour to pay for breakfast and dinner.


October 12: Macomb to Carthage to Nauvoo.  We're just an hour from Carthage Jail.  We'll be there by 9:30 to review events that led to the Martyrdom.  We'll go over to Nauvoo for lunch.  We'll check into the Nauvoo Family Inn & Suites (just up the street from the temple) for a brief rest.  This afternoon, we'll see the Visitors Center and enjoy an orientation tour of Old Nauvoo, including a chance to stroll down Parley Street reading the poignant signs as we walk toward the river.   Dinner is included today at our hotel.   We'll stay for two nights in the Nauvoo area.   Tour to pay for breakfast and dinner today.


October 13:  Nauvoo all day:  Those who are interested can attend a morning session at the newly dedicated Nauvoo Temple!   It's a treat you'll never forget.   After changing clothes, we'll continue to see Nauvoo.  We'll begin at the Community of Christ Visitors Center with a chance to see the Mansion House, Homestead and Smith Family Cemetery.  After lunch, you'll have the rest of the day to see the sites that are of most interest to you.  We have a late afternoon session in the Nauvoo Temple followed by dinner at Hotel Nauvoo (famous buffet).  Those interested can see the play at the Cultural Hall.  Others can relax this evening. Tour to pay for breakfast and dinner today.


October 14:  Nauvoo to Independence.  We'll get an early start today as we travel west toward Jackson County.   We'll then visit Adam-Ondi-Ahman, a place of great historical and future significance.  A short drive from there are the remains of Far West, a once bustling city with thousands of inhabitants.  If time permits, we’ll visit Richmond and see the monument to the Three Witnesses and other interesting things.  We'll then continue toward Independence where we’ll spend the evening.  Tour to pay for breakfast and dinner.


October 15:  Independence to Salt Lake: This morning after Sacrament Meeting, we'll visit the LDS Visitor’s Center which was recently completely revamped.  We’ll also see the temple lot, as well as other highlights in the area.  After lunch, we’ll visit Liberty Jail.  Known as the prison-temple, The Prophet was incarcerated here for 4 1/2 months. It is one of the most profound places we'll visit, and a fitting place to end our tour.  The Kansas City Airport is just 20 minutes from there.  Tour to pay for breakfast

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