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   Aug 14, 2019 - Aug 26, 2019
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Daily Itinerary:

August 14-15:  This morning, with great anticipation, we board our flights for Africa.  We’ll fly on Delta Airlines making ONE stop in Amsterdam, continuing on to Nairobi, Kenya.  We’ll arrive at around 9:00 PM on August 15th and transfer to the hotel in Nairobi so we can get a good night’s rest and be ready for the adventures that lie ahead. In- flight meals included

August 16:  Today our private coach will take us from Nairobi, Kenya into Tanzania. It is about a five hour ride. We have some interesting things to show you and important items to discuss along the way. Don’t be surprised if you begin to see animals – we’re not in a game park yet, but they roam free. Lunch is included along the way. In the late afternoon, we arrive into Arusha, Tanzania. We will stay for two nights at the Fun Retreat, a new hotel in Arusha that our groups love. A welcome dinner is included tonight.


August 17:  Welcome to Tanzania!  After a good night’s rest and a hearty breakfast at your excellent hotel, we’ll stop at an interesting museum in Arusha that will prepare us for the experiences ahead.  We will then drive one hour to the Marafiki Africa base camp arriving in time for a light lunch.  We will have an orientation meeting that will provide important information about our tour. While in this area, we’ll visit some of the local homes and tour a local village which is very interesting. We’ll also visit the local school near the village. Those interested can participate in a humanitarian opportunity there. In the evening, we’ll be treated to a welcome celebration by members of the local Masaai tribe.  They are warm, colorful and excited to share their land and culture with you.  Dinner is included at the end of the celebration.  We then continue back to our hotel in Arusha.  B, L, D


August 18:  SAFARI! This morning we will board our Land Cruisers and head for the park. The vehicles are an important part of how you see Africa. There are SIX people in each vehicle along with a refrigerator for drinks and snacks.  We have excellent drivers and guides with each vehicle and they will communicate with other vehicles when animals are spotted.  We have about a three hour drive this morning to Lake Manyara National Park.  We’ll have a picnic lunch upon arrival.  This is a small park but very important on our trip.  Vegetation ranges from savannah grass to marsh to evergreen forest (spanning 11 ecosystems) and supports one of the highest varieties of large mammals in


the world.  Among other animals, elephants and  tree-climbing lions are among what we may see today.   After our afternoon safari today, we’ll check into our excellent safari lodge.  This is a splurge and worth every penny.  The views, the location and the amenities will make this an evening to remember.  We’ll have dinner and watch the sunset.  B, L D.


August 19:  We’ll get an early start today and continue northwest along the rim of the famous Ngorongoro Crater.  We’ll be going down into the crater on our way back through, but today it’s the setting for a great picnic lunch.  We continue our journey arriving in the afternoon to the one and only Serengeti National Park.  We’ll enjoy a short game drive this afternoon/early evening and begin to see the rich wildlife of this incredible place.  We’ll stay at a comfortable safari camp for the next 3 nights.  We’ll gather around the campfire tonight and cover some fun discussion topics.  There’s nothing like a quiet night on the plains of the Serengeti.  B, L, D


August 20:  It’s all about the animals today.  The highest concentration of mammals roam here and we will see them.  We have a game drive in the morning and in the afternoon with a picnic lunch in between.  This is not just driving – There is lots of stopping to observe and film the animals in their natural habitat.  You may have seen bears in Alaska or monkeys in the jungle, but nothing compares to seeing the mammals in Africa.  Common animals to see in this area include giraffes, zebras, impalas, ostriches, dik diks and more.  We’ll have a relaxing evening at our camp  B, L, D


August 21:  After our early breakfast, we venture into a different part of the Serengeti today where we will again enjoy a morning and afternoon game drive.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly time passes on these drives and because of the diverse places and animals, you’ll enjoy each one. The larger mammals are often found in this area.  We are likely to see animals like elephants, warthogs, lions, crocodiles, hippos and giant gazelles.  Our journey takes us into the southwestern portion of Kenya today.  We will have our picnic lunch today at the Hippo Pool.  It’s not unusual to see 50-100 hippos here enjoying the water.  Tonight after dinner at our safari camp, we will pop popcorn over the fire and set up our big screen and speakers and watch the Lion King under the stars.  Why not!  We are in the place that is depicted in the movie and it’s a fun experience.  B, L, D   


August 22:  Today we will exit the Serengeti and take you to another amazing place as we go inside the Ngorongoro Crater. (we saw it from above a few days ago).  This natural crater was once a mountain higher than Everest.  It is now a deep, volcanic crater which is the largest unbroken caldera in the world.  It is 15 miles across and 1,800 feet deep.  It is a breathtaking natural wonder and full of wildlife.  Our game drive today is inside this lush crater.  It is common to see lions, elephants, the crowned crane, monkeys, buffalo, jackal and a chance to see the one animal we probably haven’t seen yet:  The rhinoceros which are endangered, but are often seen in the crater. This is one of the last places in Africa where you have a chance to see a rhino in the wild.  We have a picnic lunch today at the Hippo and Crocodile Pool.  We exit the crater and continue to our hotel which is the Mto wa Mbu region.  We’ll enjoy dinner and a relaxing evening.  B, L, D


August 23: This morning we return to Arusha, arriving in time for lunch. We will then enjoy a meaningful visit to the Arusha Cultural Heritage Center where we’ll see beautiful animal carvings and exceptional art work showcasing the wonders of this area.  It is very well done. We will then participate in the Tanzanite Experience and learn about this valuable blue and violet mineral.  Whether you buy or not, it is interesting to learn about the process and see the final product.  We’ll be back at the hotel where we began (Fun Retreat) tonight to enjoy a nice dinner and rest.  B, L, D 


August 24:  This morning we’ll visit the local Masaai Market where you can get some fun souvenirs to remember your trip to Africa.  We’ll give you plenty of time here as prices are good and there’s a broad selection. We then board our coach for our return trip to Nairobi, arriving in time for a nice dinner together. B, L, D  


August 25:  Today is Sunday. It truly is a unique and warm experience to attend a church service in Africa. You can visit a Protestant Christian church (which involves lots of colorful dress and singing) or you can visit an LDS Service in Nairobi OR you can do neither and other options will be provided.  Later, we’ll show you some interesting things in the Game Preserve that is right in the heart of Nairobi.  It is very interesting. We have a nice farewell dinner before transferring to the airport for our flights home, arriving on the evening of August 26. You’ll NEVER forget AFRICA! B, L, D

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