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   Dec 29, 2018 - Jan 1, 2019
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This will be our 46th consecutive trip to see the Rose Parade in Southern California.  We’ve learned a lot over the years and we think you’ll like what we have in store.  SO read on.  This tour is popular every year. 

The tour is packed with unique activities but at a relaxed pace.  You'll feel like you're getting your money's worth, but we won't run you ragged.  After all, you're on vacation.   We include excellent hotels and several delicious meals.  When you see what you get for the price, you'll agree that it's a great value.  So don't trust your Rose Parade experience to just anyone.  Join us for Utah's most popular Rose Parade Tours!



FLY TOUR     Los Angeles, Simi Valley, Long Beach & More – December 29 to January 1



December 29, 2018:   This morning, we’ll gather for our flight which arrives in Burbank or LAX.  Upon arrival, we’ll get a little lunch before driving north of Los Angeles to visit the interesting Reagan Library in Simi Valley.  We spend a couple of hours enjoying the beautifully presented exhibits documenting the Reagan years.  You can see a piece of the Berlin Wall, walk through Air Force One, see where he is buried and enjoy other video and written presentations.   Whether a fan of Reagan or not, it is fascinating to revisit world events at the time of his presidency. After checking into the hotel for a brief rest, we’ll enjoy a nice welcome dinner together near the hotel.  Reagan Library and dinner included


December 30:  This morning we drive over toward the Pasadena area.  We go directly to the Irwindale Pavilion which is a warehouse where the floats are being assembled. There is a flurry of activity as the live flowers are scattered over the floats.  You can walk within a few feet of about 1/4 of the parade floats and have a chance to really appreciate the detail that goes into every float.  After lunch, we have reserved seats to enjoy BANDFEST which is very enjoyable.  During the parade, you only get a chance to see these talented bands briefly.  At Bandfest, we can enjoy more of their talents – as these are the best bands in the country.  After leaving Bandfest, we’ll drive up to the famous Griffith Park Observatory (near the Hollywood sign) for spectacular views of the city.  On our way to the hotel, we’ll have dinner at the Farmer’s Market which is a fun Los Angeles tradition.  It’s also festively decorated for Christmas and you can stroll down to the giant Christmas Tree.  We’ll stay at a nice Holiday Inn Express tonight.  Breakfast, float assembly and Bandfest are included.


December 31: This morning we will spend some time at the delightful Huntington Gardens and Library.  This 207 acre complex is home to an exquisite hundred year old mansion, a world class art collection and 120 acres of landscaped gardens featuring 14,000 different types of plants from deserts to jungles.  It is an oasis in the middle of Los Angeles county and a must see if you’ve never been.  You’ll have time for lunch in the one of the nice cafes on site which are in delightful settings.  After a rest, we’ll drive down to Long Beach and enjoy a fun and unique activity called Gondola Getaway.  Authentic Venetian gondolas gently cruise us through the enchanting canals and waterways of Naples Island.  It’s as close as you get to Venice in the USA.   We will enjoy delicious New Year’s Eve dinner at The Reef Restaurant.   We have a private room overlooking Long Beach Harbor and the Queen Mary.  Breakfast, gardens, dinner and Gondolas are included.


January 1:   This morning we will arise early and head for Pasadena for the 130th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade.  The parade continues to get better year after year. You'll be among the first to see the spectacle as our excellent reserved seats are at the beginning of the parade route (near the network television booths).  We have an unobstructed view in both directions and the sun is at our backs.  In addition, the bus parks right behind our seats which is very convenient.  It is often chilly until the sun comes up so it’s nice to have the bus close by just in case.  It is the BEST POSSIBLE scenario for Rose Parade seats (we have enjoyed these seats for over 35 years).  After the parade (if time permits), we will enjoy a chance to see all of the floats up close at the post parade float viewing before transferring to the airport for our flight back to Salt Lake.   Tour to pay for breakfast, parade seats and post parade float viewing admission.



The Rose Parade is a LONG TIME tradition for Webb Tours.  We have been at every Rose Parade since 1971.  And it continues to get better EVERY YEAR.  We hope you can join us!

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